• Workplace at Kyrene

    Connecting Colleagues


    Kyrene School District is constantly striving to improve communications, not only with our parents and external community, but within our District as well. We are excited to introduce Workplace, a new tool that allows colleagues to share information and collaborate online.

    Workplace is a closed communication platform designed especially for work environments, where District and school staff can create virtual spaces for groups to meet, even while apart and on the go. Workplace has the potential to:

    • Increase staff engagement & strengthen information sharing
    • Provide a faster way to share photos, videos and other files
    • Enhance collaboration by connecting colleagues across different campuses


    All employees are responsible for being familiar with and adhering to District policies. Policies of specific interest include, but are not limited to: GBEA (Staff Ethics), GBEF (Staff Use of Digital Communication & Electronic Devices), IJNDB/IJNDB-R Use of Technology Resources in Instruction, EGD Use of Technology in Office Services, JR/JR-R Student Records, and the employee agreement form for use of mobile devices. Policies can be found online at www.kyrene.org/boardpolicy.

    Access to District technology resources, such as Workplace, is provided to the employee at the discretion of the District and based on employee job functions. Workplace is governed by District policy. Similar to email, information shared on Workplace is not private and is considered a public record. Users violating any District policy or regulations shall be subject to revocation of privileges and potential disciplinary and/or appropriate legal action.

    As with any photos we share, first be certain that any student(s) in photos are approved to be photographed. All front offices maintain this information.


    Best Practices

    • Set notifications to personal preference, as all users are automatically signed up for email notifications
    • Provide a brief group description (About Section) when creating a group to help distinguish one group from another
    • Begin the group name with a school's/department's three-letter code (i.e., "MAR Computer Immersion", "ALT Lighthouse Leader Team", "KEA Teacher Representatives") to help users navigate between groups
    • Select groups with purpose, being mindful of which groups you join to avoid information clutter.
    • Deactivate group notifications within the group. (The employee who creates a group is by default that group's admin; this best practice is limited to group admin.)
    • Reduce redundancy/duplication of groups by searching first within the Explore Groups tab on your News Feed to make sure a group, or one similar, does not already exist before creating a new one.
    • Archive inactive groups. Colleagues are welcome to create and archive groups that are specific to a limited life, focusing on projects and/or interest.

    Getting Started with Workplace

    To learn more: Access Workplace Interactive Course (Training Resource)

  • The training resource material on this web page is produced by the Kyrene Elementary School District Information Technology Department to be used for internal training purposes only. The operating procedures as described within the training resource materials on this web page are subject to change as software is updated or altered.

Last Modified on May 12, 2021