General FAQ's
Q. How is the construction site secured?
A. All construction will be completely fenced. There will be no access to the construction site from any area where children or staff are present.
Q. How close will the construction and the equipment be to our children?
A. No heavy equipment (concrete trucks, cranes, front-end loaders, etc.) will be used when children are present on campus. Smaller equipment such as a forklifts, bobcats or small end loader may be used, but strictly within the fenced area.
Q. Who is responsible for ensuring that the cranes used during construction have been properly maintained and inspected?
A. The general contractor is responsible for ensuring complete compliance with all laws, codes and practices regarding the use of cranes. This happens to be one of the core competencies of this company. Cranes will not be used when students or staff are present.
Q. Who is responsible for safety and operations at the site?
A. The general contractor is responsible for regulatory and statutory compliance of the construction site. Their safety program is available for inspection upon request. However, safety is everyone’s responsibility. The District, the school, the community, as well as regulatory inspectors, will work as a team to provide the safest environment for our students and staff.
Q. How will the general contractor notify us of changes in school operations (e.g., water turn off, electrical disruption, etc.)?
A. All major disruptions will only occur when the school is unoccupied. The general contractor will notify the building principal and the supervisor of facilities immediately if any unforeseen conditions arise. The district will communicate with the community using methods such as flyers, the website, etc.
Q. What hours will the construction crews will be working?
A. Construction hours will vary. The heavy work (slab and craning the buildings) will be done when school is not in session. The remainder of the work (masonry, roofing, interior work, etc.) will be done during normal hours, generally between 6:00 a.m. and 4:00 p.m. Crews may work later to meet schedules.
Q. Will the air quality be affected by diesel exhaust, excessive emission of particulates, dust, or any harmful compounds?
A. The city requires the general contractor to have and follow a dust control plan. Limited use of heavy vehicles on this site will not adversely affect the air quality.
Q. What can we expect the noise levels to be during school hours?
A. The very noisy demolition will be completed when school is not in session. No excessive noise that will disrupt education will be allowed during school hours.
Q. What part of campus may the construction crew use (e.g., eating lunch, taking breaks and using the restroom)?
A. The only part of campus the crew may use is the fenced construction area. There will be portable latrines and other break areas on site. The construction crew will not intermingle with students or staff and may not use any facility at school.
Q. What background checks, if any, are done on the crew members?
A. The general contractor is responsible for the conduct of all employees, and requires their employees to have a background check. They will wear reflective safety vests to clearly identify them as members of the construction team.
Q. When is the construction manager on site?
A. The site superintendent or his designee will be on site whenever there is work in progress.
Q. What kind of rules are the contractors following on this project?
A. The first and most important goal of this construction project is safety. Listed below are the safety operating rules. We expect and insist upon rigid compliance with each rule.
The primary contact number for questions, reports of potential unsafe conditions and comments is 480-783-4200. You can also contact the building principal with any questions or concerns.
Physical Security
  1. There will always be a physical barrier between students and the construction site.
  2. Gates will remain locked at all times.
  3. All construction personnel or site visitors will check in with the site superintendent.
  4. Construction personnel will sign in and out each time they arrive at or depart from the site.
  5. The site superintendent will meet with each subcontractor before beginning initial work on site and will conduct a comprehensive safety orientation.
  6. The superintendent will meet with subcontractors regularly and review performance as well as safety.
  7. The site superintendent or his designee will be on site whenever there is work in progress.
  8. The general contractor will have complete authority and responsibility for the construction site.
  9. The general contractor will enforce safety rules with his subcontractors and anyone else on the job site.
  1. The general contractor is responsible for the conduct of all employees, and requires their employees to have a background check.
  2. Construction personnel will:
    1. Be easily identifiable as workers (e.g., wear safety vests and/or badges).
    2. Not interact with students or staff.
    3. Not use any school facility at any time.
    4. Be escorted to the work station if within the building or outside the fenced area.
    5. Not use or possess tobacco of any kind.
Disruptions to Education
The very nature of construction is disruptive. The construction schedule is designed to keep distractions and disruptions to an absolute minimum.
  1. Interruptions to water and electric service will happen when school is not in session (e.g., weekends, holidays, evenings, etc.).
  2. Very heavy equipment (cranes, large loaders, graders, etc.) will not be used while school is in session or students are present.
  3. Smaller equipment (bobcats, forklifts, etc.) may be used, but only within the fenced construction area.
  4. All deliveries will be before to 7:00 a.m. or after 3:00 p.m.
  5. Construction personnel will arrive prior to 6:30 a.m.
  6. There will be no construction on designated testing days until school is over for the day.
Schedule: There is a weekly construction meeting. Part of this meeting is to review the schedule. Each Wednesday the District will update the schedule on its web site.
Web site: The District has established a web site for this construction project. On this site, you will find floor plans, site plans, construction notes and updates.
Each site has a sign that has contact information for the public to ask questions or provide feedback.
Q. How can I give input to this project?
A. Giving information to the school front office is the most effective method for providing input. Any potential safety violation will be addressed immediately. All questions or other input will be discussed at the weekly construction meeting.