Toolbar and Buttons

The toolbar runs along the top of the Share window, providing quick access to many of the most commonly used features in Share.

1Open Click the open button to open an existing project.
2Save Click the Save button to save the current project. The first time you save a project, you will see a dialog allowing you to name the file.
3Copy  Click the copy button to copy the currently select object(s) to the clipboard.
4Paste Click the Paste button to paste the object(s) on the clipboard.
5Undo Click the Undo button to undo changes you have made. See the Undo, Redo, and Revert topic for additional information.
6Publish Click the Publish button to publish the current project. See the Publish to Your Computer and Publish to an FTP Server topics for more info.
7Show Click the Show button to start a full-screen preview of your project.
8New page Click the New Page button to add a blank page to your project.
9Select Use the Select tool to select and modify objects on a page.
10Pencil Use the Pencil Tool to draw freehand shapes.
11Pen Use the Pen Tool to draw new shapes by adding one node at a time.
12Shape Click the Shape button to add shapes to your project.
13Text Click the Text button to add a text object to your project.
14Podcast Click the Podcast button to add a podcast object to your project.
14Table Click the Table button to add a table to your project.