Normalizing and Amplifying Volume

Occasionally, you may need to adjust or modify the volume after you have recorded to compensate for the various individuals recording in Audacity. If the recording is too loud and sharp, you may use the normalizing effect to adjust the volume to a level that is not so harsh. If you have a track that is much quieter than another, you may amplify that track so that it is easier to hear.

To normalize volume follow these steps:

Select the track that needs to be normalized. You will notice that the audio waves almost touch the top and bottom of the track.
normalizing in audacity
Click on the 'effect" menu at the top of the screen and choose "normalize."
In the next window, click "okay."

To amplify the level of a track follow these steps:

 Highlight the section of a track you wish to amplify.
amplifying tracks in audacity
Click on the "Effect" menu and choose amplify.
Amplify track effect in audacity
In the next window you may modify the amplification and click "okay".
To amplify the section more, click on the "Effect" menu and choose "Repeat Amplify"