General Maintenance

  1. Roof Maintenance and Repair
    1. Remove trash and debris from roof
    2. Clean drain areas
    3. Check roofs after each rain (use a broom to sweep standing water towards drains)
    4. Identify roof leaks (report to Facilities Department)
    5. Repair minor cracks (pipe penetrations, flashings, etc.)
    6. Tighten drain bands if water is leaking around drain pipe in ceiling
  2. Skylights
    1. Replace domes (use T-25 torx bit and cordless drill)
    2. Open and close shades manually (refer to Skylight Operations Procedures Manual Section 3)
    3. Disconnect or remove motors (motor continually running or not working at all – Skylight Operational Procedures Manual Section 3)
  3. Window/Glass Replacement
    1. Secure broken window using 2 pieces of plywood (long bolt, washers, and nut needed)
    2. Measure and install glass (2’ X 2’ or less)
  4. Restroom Tile Repair
    1. Remove damaged tile
    2. Inspect wall board – replace if needed
    3. Apply thin set cement
    4. Set tile
    5. Grout tile
  5. Counter Top and Cabinet Repair
    1. Repair loose laminate
    2. Adjust hinges on sagging doors
    3. Replace drawer guides
    4. Check any cabinets that are sagging (if over loaded, notify the principal)
    5. Replace cabinet locks
  6. Floor Care Equipment Maintenance
    1. Rinse out clean and dirty water reservoirs after each use
    2. Clean filters after each use
    3. Clean spray nozzles by running vinegar through the clean water tank weekly
  7. Preventative Maintenance
    1. Complete monthly, quarterly, semi-annual, and annual SFB inspection
    2. Sign completed inspection, repair as needed and/or submit work order
    3. Complete District inspection (mullions, playground equipment)
  8. Miscellaneous Tasks
    1. Install wall mounted door stops
    2. Assist with installing floor mounted door stops
    3. Repair and replace cove base
    4. Install white boards
    5. Repair vinyl wallpaper
  1. Safety Responsibilities
    1. Right to know
      1. Know how to read and understand “Material Safety Data Sheets”
      2. Keep “Material Safety Data Sheets” updated and in the proper binder
    2. Chemical safety
      1. Know the product you are working with and how they are to be used
      2. Know how to properly mix products (use the recommended amount)
      3. Make sure all bottles or containers are properly labeled
    3. Proper lifting procedure
      1. When lifting objects, be sure to lift with your legs and keep your back as straight as possible
      2. Do not lift heavy objects without assistance
      3. Use back support when needed (training video should be viewed before using a back support)
  2.  Floor Care
    1. Carpet cleaning
      1. Spot treat badly soiled areas
      2. Clean up spills immediately (instruct staff to pour water on spills)
      3. Use neutral cleaners
      4. Properly clean equipment after every use
    2. Stripping and waxing of the tile floors
      1. Know the proper chemicals to apply and how much to use
      2. Know how to use the equipment properly
      3. Use a high speed buffer on a regular basis (every 2 weeks)
      4. Properly clean equipment after every use
  3. Summer Cleaning
    1. Carpet truck usage (schedule through Facilities office)
    2. Summer custodians (schedule majority of cleaning while custodians are still under contract)
  4. Reporting of Maintenance Problems
    1. Phone in “Emergencies” (fire, smoke, flooding, and cooling problems to the entire site)
    2. Troubleshoot problems according to the “Building Managers Maintenance Responsibilities” handbook (if problem can not be resolved, submit work order)
    3. Work orders
      1. Submit work orders on FootPrints (Facilities)
      2. Do not assign work orders to the Technicians
  5. Custodial Equipment
    1. Know the proper use for each piece of equipment
    2. Clean equipment after each use (water tanks, filters, bags, etc.)
    3. Equipment repair
      1. Submit a work order for the equipment needing repair (be descriptive)
      2. Send equipment in through the warehouse and have it delivered to Bay 4
      3. Loaner equipment may be provided if available