1. Sinks and Faucets
    1. Replace aerators (faucets and hand wash)
    2. Replace stems (turn off water)
    3. Replace P-traps
    4. Clear stoppages with plunger
    5. Caulk around sinks
  2. Toilets and Urinals
    1. Replace and rebuild flush valves (turn off water)
    2. Replace and rebuild vacuum breakers (turn off water)
    3. Replace toilet seats
    4. Clear stoppages with closet auger on toilets
  3. Water Softeners and Reverse Osmosis
    1. Test hardness of water (water softener)
    2. Add salt (water softener)
    3. Check and reset time clocks accordingly (water softener)
    4. Change filter cartridges (RO’s – refer to number on cartridge)
  4. Can Wash/Mop Sinks and Art Room Interceptors
    1. Clean strainers (be sure to put them back in place – replace strainers that are missing)
    2. Use wet/dry vacuum to remove debris from interceptors (semi-annually)
  5. Water Shut Off Locations
    1. Know where the main shut off is located for your campus (refer to site specific map)
    2. Know locations of isolation valves to restrooms, hot water heaters, etc.
  6. Water Heaters
    1. Know how to shut off electricity when isolating water
    2. Flush out debris