1. Switches and Receptacles
    1. Reset GFCI’s – push reset button on outlet
    2. Repair/replace electrical covers and plates
    3. Tighten outlet screws if loose (wall, floor, ceiling)
    4. Check outlets for power – use plug-in GFI tester
    5. Check and reset breakers – be sure to flip breaker to off position before resetting
    6. Replace cord caps
    7. Replace switches and outlets – be sure breaker is turned off at panel and use proper lock out/tag out procedure before replacing
  2. Lighting
    1. Check and reset time clocks accordingly (exterior)
    2. Replace lamps
    3. Replace diffusers and tombstones
    4. Replace ballasts – be sure light switch is off and use proper lock out/tag out procedure before replacing. If this is a security light, the breaker will need to be shut off.
  3. Emergency and exit lighting
    1. Check to see if lights are working properly – push test button on fixtures
    2. Replace batteries if unit does not work