1. Trouble shooting room temperatures
    1. Refer to EMS schematic for trouble shooting information
    2. Check temperature with infrared thermometer
    3. Check filter condition (change filters quarterly – some may need to be changed more often)
    4. Check for broken or loose belt (change or tighten if necessary)
    5. Check for bad fuse (change if necessary)
      1. Turn power off to air handler
      2. Check to make sure power is off with multi-meter
      3. Check fuses with multi-meter
  2. Inspection of Air Handlers
    1. Listen for noise
    2. Inspect pulleys and shafts
    3. Check belts (change belts every 2 years)
    4. Check cleanliness of blower (dust build up)
    5. Check condensate pans
    6. Know how to isolate water to air handlers
  3. Condensate Pan Overflowing
    1. Check for debris covering drain hole and at sink P-trap
    2. Clean drain through drain vent at trap by air handler unit using wet vac, Kiavac, or air ram
  4. Mechanical Yard
    1. Clean up trash and debris
    2. Check pumps and piping for leaks
    3. Check water temperature going into the building (40 to 45 degrees)
    4. Report any unusual noises coming from mechanical equipment
    5. Check to see if cooling towers are overflowing
    6. Know how to isolate water to towers (refer to site specific procedures)
  5. Repair Insulation
    1. Re-wrap y-strainer with insulation
    2. Use foil tape to secure insulation
  6. Actuator Valves Replacement
    1. Change hot wax valves
    2. Change Belimo/Johnson valves (wiring needs to be the same)