Generating & Printing Synergy Report Cards

Entering Grades

There are two ways to fill in report card grades. Grades can be entered in the report card matrix, or report cards for individual students can be pulled up for grading.

Transferring Student Marks

Grades calculated in Synergy Grade Book can be transferred to the report card if Report Card Correlations were checked for each assignment.
  • Open Synergy and click to open the grade book.
  • Hover over Grade Book and choose Report Card Preview.
  • Click on Transfer All Student Marks to get all grades from linked classes and special area classes who use the grade book to transfer directly onto the report card.
transfer marks
To finish entering grades:
  • Hover over Report Card and choose either Report Card Matrix or Students to finish entering grades.
  • Be sure to Save after you make changes.
  • To view and print your report cards, hover over Report Card and choose Students.

Report Card Grades - Matrix Entry Mode

Using the Report Card Matrix is a quick and easy way for a classroom teacher who does not use the grade book to enter grades as well as grades for PE, Art, and Music teachers who do not use the grade book.
Hover over Report Card and choose Report Card Matrix.
     report card matrix
Use the pull-down menu to choose the report card area. choose area
In this example, the Behavior categories are shown. Use the drop-down menu to choose the performance indicator. Use the green "fill-down" arrow to help speed up the process.
Click Save Scores to save the scores put in for these areas or Undo. Saved grades will then appear on the individual student's report card.
     save or undo
Other subject areas can be done this same way.

Entering Grades on the Report Card

Entering grades can be done by opening each student's report card and entering grades for each subject.
Hover over Report Card and click on Students.
Select a student from the Report Cards Not Complete list.
     not complete list
If you use the grade book to calculate grades, you will see that your correlated grades have filled in many of the report card areas.
entering grades
Check all areas and use the drop-down menus. Fill in the cells for both the main subject category grade and the performance indicators for any missing grades.
Use the green arrow to "fill down" if applicable.

Add Comments to the Report Card


Completing & Printing Report Cards

Attendance will be filled in automatically by Genesis AFTER the last day of the quarter. DO NOT print report cards before the last day of the quarter. Use the drop-down to choose * if days absent or tardy affected the grade.
In the Modified Curriculum area, use the drop-down menu to indicate those areas in which the curriculum was modified.
Once grades have been entered, click Save/Continuesave/continue
There are four options for saving and reviewing the report cards:
review options
Additional Notes:
Once report cards are Saved and Marked Complete, they can still be edited/revised.
Do NOT print the report cards until after all special area grades are in and the attendance period has passed.
Hover over Report Card and choose Students.
All student names should now appear in the Report Cards Complete list.
Click on View Report Cards. view report cards
Click on Generate Class Report Cards. generate report cards
PDF report cards will be generated. These can be saved and printed.