Child Custody & Information Sharing


Child Custody 


Community Education will remain a neutral safe haven for each student enrolled in our program. Conflict among parents/guardians is often unsettling for a student and can cause stress that disrupts the student’s learning. Parents/guardians should avoid bringing conflict into the school setting. Uncertainty about who will pick up at the end of the day is a common source of stress. To help the student feel secure, parents/guardians should determine who will pick up the student after school each day and communicate this to the student. The parents/legal guardians of a student will retain all education rights, including access to records, authorization to pick up, and access to the student at school, unless Community Education has a copy of an active court order (restraining order, court custody agreement, etc.) on file that restricts the education rights of the parent/guardian. If a court order is in effect for a student enrolled in a Community Education program, the parent/guardian must provide a copy. Once Community Education is in possession of the court order, we will adhere to the terms of who has access to the student and the student’s education records. Community Education will enforce a court order (by denying access to a student when we have been provided an order that a parent does not have custodial rights to access that student), but we will not contact law enforcement or the Courts regarding such matters nor will we monitor visitation periods. If a parent/guardian believes a court order has been violated, this should be reported to the Court.


Information Sharing and Dual Notification 


Internal Information Sharing: As District employees, Kyrene programs may share information about your child with (or receive information from) other Kyrene programs.


External Information Sharing (Dual Notification): Unless court mandated otherwise, any request for written information by a parent/guardian will be provided to both parents (if their separate addresses have been provided). It is the responsibility of the parent/guardian to provide us with all pertinent court documents. Requested documents may include registration forms, Arizona Department of Health Services Emergency Information and Immunization Record Cards (DHS Emergency Cards), and sign-in and out sheets. Financial statements and information will not be shared. Emergency contact information/DHS Emergency Cards must be completed by the enrolled student's parent/guardian. Unless court mandated otherwise, either student's parent/guardian has access to the emergency contact information/DHS Emergency Card and may update it as often as necessary.