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Parent Involvement
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Parent Involvement [back to top]


Community Education Services encourages and welcomes parent participation. Opportunities for your involvement include, but are not limited to:

  • Visiting your child’s program
  • Attending special events
  • Volunteering in your child’s program
  • Donating supplies, resources, skills and talents
  • Accepting membership on program evaluation teams
  • Providing input on program policies
  • Reading newsletters and the Parent Board

Parents and family members are always welcome at any time to visit, observe, share, and participate in their child’s program. New families can receive a New Family Orientation by contacting the Program Coordinator at the site they are interested in having their child attend. Check the Parent Board often, read site newsletters, and share celebrations and concerns with your Program Coordinator. A partnership with our families ensures quality services are being provided to you and your children.


Attendance [back to top]


  • Daily attendance is taken and recorded.
  • Individuals are required to show picture identification until staff members can positively identify individuals authorized to pick up students. While it may not always be apparent, please be assured that staff members verify if an individual is authorized to pick up the student. To ensure your child will be released without issue, parents/guardians are expected to bring a Photo ID every day.
  • A student will not be released to an individual refusing to show identification.
  • We require that a parent or authorized party sign a student in and out each day by signing a full first and full last name or a first initial and full last name. Only persons listed on the student’s Emergency Information will be allowed to sign students out of a program.
  • School-age programs, including but not limited to Kids Club, After Hours and Youth Enrichment classes, are generally open to all students regardless of whether they are currently enrolled in Kyrene. If absent from school due to an illness or school suspension, the student may not attend any afterschool programs offered by Community Education Services.


Field Trips [back to top]


Field trips may be offered year round including Non-School Days and summer based upon the availability of school buses. Parents will be notified prior to the field trip so that a written permission slip may be signed. In order to attend, students must have a signed permission slip from a parent or legal guardian. All students attend the field trip. All staff attend field trips; therefore, supervision is not provided at the site during a scheduled field trip. Parent/guardians must provide written permission (i.e., Field Trip Permission Slip) prior to a student’s participation in a field trip.

Buses for the field trips leave promptly at the designated times. Please keep a list of the scheduled field trips for your reference and make certain to prepare your child for special events on the designated dates and times. We request that students wear a Community Education Services T-shirt (issued to participants at the site) as well as closed toe shoes to all scheduled field trips. We encourage students to apply sunscreen before arriving and bring a labeled water bottled. If you would like your child to apply sunscreen during program, please drop off a labeled bottle of sunscreen to the parent table.

Please note that family members may not ride the bus with students and if they choose to attend the field trips, all admission fees associated with the family member must be paid by the family.

Student counts are submitted to field trip venues prior to field trip dates. Field trips are staffed and paid for prior to the field trip date. Therefore, we are unable to accommodate day change requests the week of a field trip. Field trips may be cancelled or changed at the discretion of Community Education Services. Trips may be rescheduled when possible, but could result in a different destination, day, date and time. No refunds will be given for cancelled or rescheduled trips.


Transportation [back to top]


Transportation of students is a privilege extended to students in the District, and is not a statutory requirement. An exception is the necessary transportation of students with disabilities as indicated in their respective Individual Education Plans.
Kyrene School District Board Manual, Section E Support Services, E-1950, EE Transportation Services


Homework Policy - Kids Club [back to top]

The option to complete homework is always available to students during program. Homework Club is offered Monday through Thursday for up to 45 minutes each day. During Homework Club, a staff member is available to assist students with any questions they may have. If you would like your student to attend, please complete a Homework Club Agreement available at the Parent Table or by speaking with your Program Coordinator at your school. 


Students should bring the materials needed to complete their work, be respectful of others working in the area, and ask for help when needed. Access to computers may be limited for any online assignments. As part of the Agreement, your student should attend Homework Club as designated; however, this Agreement does not force students to do so. 


Please understand, program staff are unable to provide one-on-one attention or tutoring for your child and will not check their homework for accuracy and/or completion. 


Permission for Use of Images [back to top]


We have so much to celebrate in Kyrene School District, and we love to document the success of our students. Your child’s photo/video may be used by Kyrene School District in various media including, but not limited to: school/district websites, newsletters, news releases and social media. Families who wish to decline photo release must submit a revocation of consent form, available upon request from your child(ren)’s school or Kyrene Community Education Services. (Athletic events, performances or other activities outside of school hours are considered public events, at which children may be photographed without consent.)  Updated 11/2019


Personal Belongings [back to top]


Community Education Services programs are equipped with many toys, games, and other activities for students to enjoy. Because we offer students so many choices, we do not allow toys, games, etc. from home to be played with during program time. We are not responsible for personal property that is lost, stolen, damaged or destroyed.


Preschool Conferences [back to top]


Conferences between parents of students in our Preschool programs and the Program Coordinator can occur at the parent's request. Preschool staff can work with the parent around their schedule for a time that is convenient for the family. During the Conference, Preschool Staff will share your child's work, discuss behavior concerns/progress, and share your child's progress and developmental growth.  


Volunteers [back to top]


We appreciate and encourage parents and community members to volunteer. Volunteers who are not the parent/guardian of a program participant and who are not under the direct supervision of a certificated employee are required to obtain fingerprint clearance (ARS 15-512). Arizona Department of Health Services licensed programs require volunteers be at least 16 years old, obtain a negative tuberculosis test, and not be left unsupervised with students. If a volunteer has a DPS clearance card, a copy of the card must be provided to the District prior to volunteering.


Late Pick-Up [back to top]


Students must be picked up at the end of the scheduled program. A family account may be charged up to $5/minute per student and/or the student may be withdrawn from the program when a student is not picked up by the program’s end time. Staff will contact parents and authorized emergency contacts if a student remains at a program after the program’s end time. If contact cannot be made with parents or other authorized emergency contacts one hour after the program’s end time, the police will be contacted for assistance.


Missing Child Procedure [back to top]


It is crucial to inform an after school program (i.e., Enrichment or Kids Club) of a student’s absence. If a student does not arrive to the program, Missing Child Procedures are initiated until the student is located. Staff will determine if the student attended school and contact the student’s teacher, enrichment instructors, onsite childcare, and parents for information. If necessary, police will be notified for assistance. Timely notification of an absence is important as it prevents staff from engaging in this time-consuming procedure. Repeat occurrences may result in a charge of applicable Locator Fees. After three preventable occurrences (i.e., on or after the fourth incident), we may administratively withdraw the student from the program.


Emergency Contacts/Health Records [back to top]


Changes to emergency information and revisions of immunization/health records presented to the school office are not forwarded to Community Education Services programs. All records must be updated with the program.


Pesticide Application [back to top]

Parents are notified at least 48 hours before a pesticide is applied on a facility’s premises by any of the following including but not limited to posting the notice on the main door to the facility, posting the notice at the parent table, in-person communication, via email, over the phone, etc.


Administrative Withdrawals [back to top]


Administrative Withdrawals are defined as removing a child from a program, class, or athletic team for the duration of the school year and summer. Community Education Services reserves the right to withdraw students from any program when its Director or designee determines, in his/her sole discretion, that it would be in the best interest of the District and/or the student. The parent will be informed of the determination to withdraw in writing. There is no appeal process for Administrative Withdrawals. Refunds or credits are not issued if a student is administratively withdrawn from a Community Education Services program.


A student is withdrawn if payment is not received from the financially responsible party prior to services being rendered. The family account is assessed any late charges or legal costs incurred in the collection of the balance due. Delinquent accounts may also be reported to Collections. If registration was accepted for future programs, the family may receive an Administrative Withdrawal if the account becomes delinquent prior to the start of the program.


No individual (adult or student) will knowingly be allowed to jeopardize the health, safety, learning, or working environment of others. A student may be withdrawn from a program if a staff member determines that a student cannot benefit from the program. All instances are situational and are documented according to behavior guidelines. A member of the Community Education Services team will include parents in situations involving behavior concerns and progressive consequences.


Liability Insurance [back to top]


Per the Department of Health Services' regulation R9-5-308, documentation of our liability insurance coverage is available for review at each Preschool program.


Department of Health Services Inspection Reports [back to top]


Inspection Reports are available onsite at each of our Preschool locations.  The specific location on the inspection reports can be found posted at each site.