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Payments can be made:

 Register at (  
In person: Kyrene District Office
Drop box: Outside the Kyrene District Office entrance
By Phone: 480-541-1500


Forms of Payment [back to top]

Check/Money Order:
Check and money order payments are accepted at the Kyrene District Office or in the drop box. Please write the account number on the check to ensure the payment is posted to the correct account. Checks will be run electronically on the date they are received. Insufficient funds including returned checks and stopped payments may be charged an Insufficient Funds Fee.

Credit/Debit Card: We accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express.

Auto-charge: When you register online for Kids Club, After Hours or Preschool programs, you may enroll in auto-charge. If you choose the auto-charge option, your full month's tuition will be charged on the due date noted in the tuition payment calendar. You may change your auto-charge at any time by logging into your account.

Cash: Only exact change is accepted.

Online Payments 
Click on "Log-in/Register"
Sign in to your Eleyo account
Click the "Your Profile" tab
Outstanding balance will be displayed
Click on “Pay” and pay Balance Due or Specify Other Amount
Add to cart and "Checkout" to make payment
Logout of Eleyo


Monthly Tuition Program Invoicing and Payments [back to top]

Tuition is a weekly amount and invoicing is usually done in 4-week increments.  Tuition does not include Non-School days, these are invoiced separately. For more detailed information, please refer to the Tuition Payment Calendar located on our Tuition and Fees page under Tuition Invoicing Details.

Payments for Kids Club, After Hours or Preschool programs are due two weeks prior to the invoice period when services are rendered.

If you register for a program after the invoice period, all tuition for that previous invoice period and the current invoice period will be due. Partial payments of amounts due are not accepted.


Payment for Summer 2023 is split across two invoice periods. Payment for enrollment from May 22 - June 16 is due May 9, 2023. Payment for enrollment from June 19 - July 7 is due June 6, 2023. Students may not attend the program and will be administratively withdrawn if payment is not received in full.


Late payments (Kids Club, After Hours or Preschool programs) [back to top]

If the account balance is not paid in full on the 6th day after the due date, a Late Fee may be assessed and you will receive a text message stating that there is an outstanding balance.


If the account balance is not paid in full prior to the first day of the invoice period, the student will not be eligible to attend the program. The student will be withdrawn from the program, and the account must be paid in full in order to reinstate a contract. Only debit/credit cards or cash will be accepted for payment.


If the student attempts to attend the program after they have been determined to be ineligible due to non-payment, they will be escorted to the school front office. The program staff will then call Community Education Services to contact the financially responsible party and attempt to collect the payment over the phone. If payment is still not received, the parent/guardian will be required to pick the student up immediately. 


Outstanding Balances (Kids Club, After Hours or Preschool programs) [back to top]

Family accounts must reflect a zero balance in order to register for any Community Education Services Kids Club, After Hours or Preschool programs. For example, if a family has an outstanding Kids Club balance, the family is not eligible to re-register until the family account reflects a zero balance.

Monies paid are applied to the oldest outstanding balance. If the family account balance is not paid in full by the last day of the month, all persons listed on the account will be ineligible to attend or enroll in any Community Education Services program.


Financial Responsibility [back to top]


If an additional individual (i.e., someone other than the parent/ guardian completing the registration) is the financially responsible party or shares financial responsibility, then all parties must sign a Multiple Party Financial Agreement.


Refunds [back to top]

All fees, including Registration Processing Fees, associated with Community Education Services programs are non-refundable and non-transferable; only tuition may be refunded.

    • Refunds or credits are not issued for unused program days except as stated per the cancellation request procedure.
    • If a student is suspended or expelled from any program or school, no refund is issued.

    Kids Club, After Hours or Preschool Refunds

    • Tuition is paid two weeks prior to attendance. If a family cancels a program, advance-paid tuition is prorated on a weekly basis and refunded.

    Summer Programs Refunds

    • Cancellations for Kids Club, Preschool, After Hours, Sports Camp and Kyrene Adventure Tours should be submitted five (5) business days prior to the effective date for a full refund.
    • Any cancellations made less than (5) business days prior will have $15 held per week per child.
    • No refunds will be given if a cancellation request is submitted on or after Friday of the week prior of each program week.
    • No refunds will be issued for Registration Fees.  

    Summer Academy Refunds

    • Full refunds minus $5 per class will be issued until 10 business days prior to the start of each session.
    • No refunds will be issued any time within 10 business days to the start of each session.
    • In the event a class is cancelled due to low enrollment and an alternate choice is unavailable, full refunds are issued.


    • Full refunds for Enrichment classes are issued five (5) business days prior to the start of a class. 
    • Full refunds minus $5 per student are issued for cancellations made less than five (5) business days of the Enrichment class start date.
    • Classes are non-refundable beginning the first day of class.
    • In the event a class is cancelled due to low enrollment and an alternate choice is unavailable, full refunds are issued.

    Kids Night Out/Munchkin Night Out Events

    • Full refunds are issued (5) business days prior to the day of the event. 
    • Full refunds minus $5 per student are issued for cancellations made less than (5) businesses prior to the event.
    • Refunds are not issued the day of the event.
    • If an event is cancelled due to low enrollment, full refunds are issued.

    Non-School Days

    • Full refunds for Non-School Days are issued (6) business days prior to the program start date.*
    • Full refunds minus $10 are issued for cancellations made within five business days of the program start date. (Refunds are on a per child/ per day basis).
    • Refunds are not issued after the first day of the program.*
    • In the event that a Non-School Day is cancelled, full refunds will be issued.  


    * Start date for week long school break programs includes Teacher and Staff Development Days.

Insufficient Funds [back to top]

  • Insufficient funds including returned checks and stopped payments may be charged an Insufficient Funds Fee.
  • The original amount due plus the Insufficient Funds Fee will need to be paid to avoid withdrawal for non-payment.


Additional Fees [back to top]

Registration Processing, Locator and Late Pick-up Fees – click on the following links to see more information on these fees.


Financial Assistance [back to top]

  • A limited amount of Financial Assistance is available for families who qualify.
  • Financial Assistance does not apply to fees (i.e. Registration Processing, Materials). Families receiving Financial Assistance are responsible for payment of fees and remaining tuition balances.
  • When a family qualifies for Financial Assistance and a program discount, only the greater of the two is applied. Financial Assistance applications are available online or in the Kyrene District Office. To be considered, the family account balance must be zero, and a complete Financial Assistance Application must be submitted. 
  • Financial Assistance applications for the upcoming school year and summer will be accepted beginning the Tuesday following Spring Break and are reviewed and awarded on a first come first-served basis.
  • Financial Assistance applications for Youth Enrichment classes or Middle School Athletics are accepted on an ongoing basis coinciding when classes and sports are open for registration.
  • The maximum Financial Assistance awarded may vary by program.

If you have any questions, please call (480) 541-1500.

Discounts (Kids Club, After Hours and Preschool) [back to top]

  • Discounts are available for Kids Club, After Hours and Preschool only. Limit one discount per student.
  • Discounts are calculated using each student’s combined total weekly tuition for all programs. When multiple discounts apply, only the highest discount is applied.
  • Discounts cannot be applied when you register online. However, it is beneficial for you to reserve your space in the program early by registering online. Once you register online, you may request your qualifying discount by contacting Community Education Services.
  • Sibling Discount: Applies when siblings are each enrolled in one or more Community/Signature Preschool, Kids Club or After Hours programs. If a family is eligible for a sibling discount, the student with the highest total tuition is not discounted, and each of that student’s siblings receives a discount off of the total tuition due. Discount amounts are: Community/Signature Preschool = 10% | Kids Club/After Hours = 15%   
  • Multiple Program Discount: Students enrolled in both Integrated Preschool and Five Full Days of Community Education Preschool will receive a 20% discount off on the Five Full Days of Community Education Preschool tuition. Tuition must be paid for both Integrated and Community/Signature Preschool in order to qualify for the discount. 
  • Active Military Discount: Applies when at least one legal guardian of the student enrolled is actively serving in the United States Armed Forces. Discount amounts are: Community/Signature Preschool = 10% | Kids Club/After Hours = 20%
  • Summer Academy Wrap: Participants must be enrolled in Summer Academy classes from 8 a.m. - 12 p.m. for the entirety of the Summer Academy Session to qualify for the adjusted rate.

Employee Discount [back to top]

  • Per IRS regulations, any discount in excess of 20% is considered taxable income. 
  • Eligibility requirements for a full discount include the following: (1) the individual is the parent/guardian of the student enrolled, (2) the individual is currently employed, (3) the individual meets the minimum weekly work hours (20 hours/week), and (4) the individual receives a paycheck during program enrollment. 
  • Eligibility requires documentation and is in effect through the last day of contracted employment. Tuition for remaining program days beyond contracted employment days is prorated and due according to the payment plan due dates outlined previously.
  • The employee discounts for summer 2023 and school year 2022-23/2023-24 are: Community/Signature Preschool = 10% | Kids Club/After Hours = 25%. Annually, the District will evaluate the cost-neutral point for the District and adjust the employee discount accordingly.

Flex-Spending [back to top]

Payment receipts for flex-spending accounts are available by logging in to your Eleyo account and choosing the appropriate program tab in Your Profile


Kyrene’s Tax ID Number is 86-6000494