Signing Students Out Prior to the End of the School Day

For the safety and protection of your child, we cannot allow him or her to be taken from the classroom before our regular dismissal time without the parent/guardian first coming to the office and signing the child out.  EACH CHILD WHO IS EXCUSED EARLY MUST BE SIGNED OUT IN THE OFFICE by the child’s parent/guardian or by the person(s) specifically authorized by the parents/guardians. 


The school office staff WILL NOT RELEASE YOUR CHILD TO ANYONE UNLESS SPECIFICALLY AUTHORIZED (must be 18 years or older) by you on the Health Services Emergency Information Card. Please update any changes in your emergency card when they occur.


NOTE:  Persons listed on your child’s emergency card will be able to sign your child out of school without a note or phone call from you.


In all cases, proper identification must be shown before we can release a child to a parent, guardian, or other authorized person.


It is helpful if you send your child to school with a note indicating the reason for early release and the time which you will pick up your child.  The student should give the note to the office first thing in the morning at which time he/she will be given a pass to leave class and come to the office at the appropriate time.