Editing Headlines & Latest News - School Homepage

From the Kyrene Homepage, sign-in using your Kyrene username and password.
Click the Manage button.
Click on the Homepage link to edit the school homepage.
Homepage link
Click in the grey Headlines & Latest News section to edit this section. The layout preview in the corner of your screen will help you determine where each app appears on your page.
Headlines section
Click New Headline.
New Headline
    headline settings
The information added to the headline tab is what will appear on the homepage. 
Headlines parts
• Consider adding “[more] . . .” to the end of your teaser text to inform the viewer that more information is available when they click on a headline.
• 75 px is a recommended width for accent images. If you choose to use a different width, consider keeping your accent images all the same width regardless of height.
• Your teaser text will wrap around your image if you have an accent image that is shorter than the number of lines of teaser text. 
Click on the Headline Body tab to add the full content of the item using the editor tools. 
headline body
Note: The title indicated on the first tab will appear on the page even though it doesn’t appear in the headline body editor.
If you want to preview the headline on the web without making it available to the public, assign yourself as the only viewer on the Viewers tab.
Assign User button
Click Save when you have added necessary information to each of the tabs.
Click Sort Headlines to reorder your links.
sort headlines
Click View Website to view a preview of the homepage page as it will look with the header and other apps on the page.
view website
Click on the white x to close the preview.
close out of preview
Click on the Homepage link to go back to app list for the homepage. 
Homepage Page link
Click here for a PDF version of these directions:   Editing Headlines & Latest News - School Homepage