Editing Quicklinks - School Homepage

From the Kyrene homepage, sign-in using your Kyrene username and password.
Click the Manage button.
Click on the Homepage link to edit the school homepage.
click on homepage
Click in the grey Quicklinks section to edit this section. The layout preview in the corner of your screen will help you determine where each app appears on your
layout preview
  edit link properties  
Click New Link to add a link.
Provide the link text and web address in the boxes on the general tab. 
You can browse to a location within Schoolwires. If you are linking to an outside website, you will need to copy the web address from a browser window or type in the address.
Select Open in new window if you are linking to an outside website or file, and select Open in same window if you are linking to a page within Schoolwires. 
Note: If you are linking to a file (e.g. newsletter) you must upload the file to files and folders, and get the link by selecting Get Link from the More menu.
Get Link
Make sure activate on my page is checked if you are ready for the link to be viewed from the web, and click Save.
Click Organize Links to reorder your links.
organize links
Click View Website to view a preview of the homepage page as it will look with the header and other apps on the page.
view website
Click on the white x to close the preview.
close preview
Click on the Homepage link to go back to app list for the homepage.
Homepage Page link
Click here for a PDF version of these instructions:  Editing Quicklinks - School Homepage