Insert an Image

Place the cursor on the page where the image is to display.

Click the Insert Image icon. The Insert Image window displays.
Select the import source of the image.
     •  Upload a saved image
     •  Shared Image - an image that has been uploaded by the District
     •  Existing Image - an image you have uploaded into the folders in your section
     •  Clip Art - images in the Schoolwires clip art gallery 
Click Continue. The Insert Image window displays.
Enter a description of the image in the mandatory Alt. text field.
Adjust the Height and Width of the image as desired.
Click Insert Image. The page displays with the inserted image.

Format an Image 

You can format an image after you've inserted it into the Schoolwires Editor.
Double click on the image. The IMG window displays.
Under Layout you can:
     •  Align the image in relation to the text (left or right justify will result in text wrapping around the image)
     •  Specify the thickness of a border
     •  Specify the color of a border.
Under Spacing you can:
     •  Provide Horizontal Spacing to the image
     •  Provide Vertical Spacing to the image.
Click OK. The page displays with the formatting applied to the inserted image.
Click Save