Insert a Hyperlink

To insert a hyperlink to another destination:

Highlight the text (or click on the image) that you would like to make a hyperlink.
Click on the Insert Link icon.
Select one of the following options from the Insert Link Wizard and follow the instructions:

Your Site

•  Select a Site from the dropdown.
•  Select a Channel, Section, and Page.
     Hint: To link to a homepage, just select a Site and a Page.
•  Click Insert Link

Email Address

•  Enter the email address.
•  Click Insert Link

Web Address

•  Enter the web address into the URL field. Note that "http://" is already populated.
•  Target - Open in New Window
•  Click Insert Link


•  Enter name of the Bookmark on that page.
•  Click Insert Link.

Form or Survey

•  Select Survey from drop-down menu.
•  Enter Text to Display, if field is not already populated.
•  Click Insert Link.