Creating a "Contact Us" Directory (MiniBase)

1. Go to and sign-in using your Kyrene username and password.

2. Click the Manage button.


3. Click on the New Page button to add a new page. 

    new page
4. Select Contact Us from the list of available page types.

    contact us page types
5. Name your page and click Save. Your new page will default to the bottom of your current pages list.

    page name
6. Click on the page name to start setting up your fields (column headers).

    contact us

7. Type a name for each field, these names will be your column headers, and click Set Fields & Continue.

    set fields
8. To add a title to the page, select Options. If you want to include this title on your page, check the show this app name on my page box.

    show app name

9. While in the options menu, click on the fields tab and specify any filters, sort order, and sort levels.

    sort fields
10. Click Save.

11. To add a record (person) to your contact list, click New Record.

      new record
12. Complete the record. Click Save and New if you are adding an additional contact, or click Save and Exit if you are finished adding contacts.

      save and exit

13. To edit an existing record, click Edit

      edit record
14. Click on the return to my page list button to go back to the list of pages.

      return to page list
This is how a Contact Us page can look from the web for viewers of your page.

      web view
You can view an example at