Creating a Photo Gallery

1. Go to and sign-in using your Kyrene username and password.

2. Click the Manage button.

    click manage

3. Click on Photo Gallery in the Common Tools section of the screen.

    photo gallery from common tools

4. Click New to create a new Photo Gallery.

    new photo gallery
5. Name your photo gallery and click save.

    name photo gallery
6. Click on the app name and select Edit.
    edit gallery
7. Set the width of your gallery, and click Let’s get started.
    set gallery width
IMPORTANT: Width cannot be changed after the gallery is created because the photos have been optimized for the original size of the gallery. The maximum width of the page is 659 px.

8. Click Upload Photos.

    upload photos
9. Click Browse to navigate to and select your photos.

    browse to select photos

10. Click Edit to name your photo and add a caption. Captions appear when you rollover an image with your mouse.

      edit caption
11. Click Adjust Photo to adjust the photo, or to add an effect, overlay, border or text.
     adjust photo
     adjust options
12. Select Options to add a description, adjust the transition delay, change the fade style or add background audio.

      select options button
13. When you are ready to display your photo gallery click Publish. Viewers of your website won’t be able to view the gallery unless you publish the gallery.

      publish the gallery

14. Click on the return to my page list button to go back to the list of pages of the section.

      page list icon

15. Create a new flex page or open an existing flex page.

16. Click on the Insert Photo Gallery button.
      insert photo gallery
17. Select the By Type tab and check the photo gallery you want to insert. Click Save
      save gallery .

18. You will not see the photo gallery in edit mode, you will need to save the page and then view the website.

      gallery code
This is how a photo gallery will look from the web for viewers of your page.
      view on the web

You can view an example photo gallery at
Click here for directions in PDF form:  Creating a Photo Gallery