Creating a Link Library

1. From the homepage, sign-in using your Kyrene username and password.

2. Click the Manage button. 
    click on manage
3. Click on the New Page button to add a new page.
    new page button
4. Select Link Library Page from the list of available page types.
    available page types
5. Name your page and click save.

6. To add a title to the page, click on the name of the page you added (New pages default to the bottom of the list) and select Options.
7. Type the title of your page in the App Name field and check the Show the app name on my page box.
    app title
8. Click Save.

9. To add a link to the link library, click New Link.
    new link
10. Give the link a name and description that will appear on the webpage. Add the web address in the address box to create the hyperlink.
     link fields
11. By default, the "Activate on my page" box is checked. If you want to create links ahead of time without having them show on your webpage immediately, check the box.

12. If you want the link to display for a determined amount of time, click on the Display Duration tab, and enter a start date and/or an end date.
     display duration
13. Click Save

14. Add additional links by clicking on New Link, or rearrange the links by clicking Sort Links.
     sort files
15. When sorting links within a link library, you can sort alphabetically or you can drag and drop the links in a custom order. Click Save.
     how to sort
This is how a link library with descriptions will look from the web for viewers of your page. 
     web view of link library
You can view an example at of a File Library at
Click here for PDF directions:  Creating a Link Library