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Janet Tobias Harmony Park


Here at Paloma, a beautiful dream has recently become a reality, with the opening of our new Harmony Park. The permanent installation of outdoor instruments gives children an opportunity to experiment, cooperate, and engage in expressive play. The musical playground is both visually stunning and beautiful to hear, as the instruments produce concert-quality sound.


students playing instruments


The Kyrene Governing voted to approve the dedication of the park with the official name, "Janet Tobias Harmony Park," in memory of beloved Paloma Principal Janet Tobias.

In 2017, Principal Tobias shared a vision of an outdoor space where students could come together to make music. She and her staff worked with the Paloma PTA to raise funds for the first four instruments. But that was just the beginning of her vision. It was Principal Tobias's dream to expand the park with more instruments, benches and a shade structure.


Principal smiling at student


The Paloma PTA is now working with our school to make that dream come true. Anyone wishing to contribute to this effort can make a donation, earmarked for the "Janet Tobias Harmony Park," through the Paloma PTA website. Principal Tobias's legacy lives on through Harmony Park. We hear her in the beautiful music Paloma children make each day. Thank you for supporting this project, which will benefit our students for years to come.

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