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Look Up! Art is all over our ceilings

Have you noticed the painted ceiling tiles in the hallways and/or classrooms?   

Under the guidance of our wonderful art teacher Ms. Pooler, students and staff have been making our school a little brighter and inspirational by decorating the ceiling tiles. Make sure you look up when you come to visit us!
"This year I decided to do some collaborative art projects with students and staff. I worked with groups of students to design and paint positive messages on our ceiling tiles. As we installed each one, a blank one was available for us to continue painting. I worked with many teachers who painted one for their classroom and/or hallway. We have fun taking visitors on tours around the school to show them the tiles. This process will continue on each year. Students have enjoyed writing/drawing ideas for images and words for the ceiling."  -Jennifer Pooler, Art Teacher
Arizona Department of Education recently made a Facebook post about this artwork:
 Every journey begins from where you are Beloved   Be always blooming  
 Peace begins with a smile Just Imagine   Panda