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Congratulations to Kyrene's Tempe Diablos Excellence in Education Award finalists

Posted April 2020


Congratulations to our Kyrene Excellence in Education Award finalists! For 30+ years, the Tempe Diablos have awarded educators and school staff for their dedication in enhancing learning, promoting positive school culture, and for leaving a lasting impact on students, colleagues and the community as a whole. 


Kyrene staff and educators were for all eight categories. Thank you to those who took the time to nominate and recognize a member of Team Kyrene. Tempe Diablos Charities will be hosting this event virtually on their Facebook page. Even if you don't have a Facebook account, you can still watch live online.

Teacher of the Year
• Mark Collins - Kyrene Traditional Academy
• Melissa Taugner - Kyrene de las Brisas
• Kirstin Williams - Kyrene de la Mirada

Lifetime Achievement
• Ana Gomez del Castillo - Kyrene de los Lagos
• Mark Knight - Kyrene School District

• Mary Brown - Kyrene de las Manitas
• Susan Edinger - Kyrene de la Mirada

High Impact
• Nicole Monaco - Kyrene Akimel A-Al
• Harley Ruda - Kyrene Traditional Academy

• Jill Malina - Kyrene Aprende Middle School
• Nick Nigh - Kyrene Community Education

Rising Star
• Cynthia Languren - Kyrene de la Mariposa
• Jessica McIntyre - Kyrene Middle School

Class Act
• Karol Pacheo - Kyrene de los Cerritos
• Qua Shawn Simpson - Kyrene de los Niños