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Banner Health’s Safety Town uses Kyrene campus to teach life-saving lessons

Posted August 2020

Banner Health’s Safety Town first “popped up” in Arizona in 2017. This fictional town fits in the back of a large truck, ready for their next pop-up event. 3D houses, swimming pools and roadways help educate children on common dangers inside and outside of the home.

Banner Safety Town and Adult and Child

For Arizona children especially, the dangers of hot summer months of utmost importance, and the pop-up pool provides a teaching lesson in water and sun safety for both children and their guardians. These life-saving lessons also cover topics like distracted driving, bullying, poisonous substances and gun safety.

This year, Banner utilized Kyrene del Pueblo’s gymnasium as a space to film an educational video in order to safely relay their message to children around the state. While helping educate their peers, the young actors in the video practiced social distancing and safety measures at all times while on campus. Kyrene is happy to support Banner’s work in educating children about the importance of safety, from crossing the road to knowing which desert critters to avoid.

Safety TOwn filming