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Kyrene Values Teachers & Staff

Posted May 2020


The Kyrene Values Teachers & Staff awards looked a little different this spring, but Superintendent Dr. Jan Vesely still found a way to surprise the winners.


This quarter, Kyrene employees were given the opportunity to recognize their colleagues through Kyrene Values Staff and Kyrene Values Teachers nominations. Teachers could be nominated based on demonstrated success in areas of academics, advocacy and leadership. Peers were asked to think of teachers whose class has shown growth, meets with students before and after school, or has influenced the reduction of distruptive behavior in the classroom. 


Kyrene Values Staff allowed individuals to highlight Kyrene staff who go above and beyond to contribute to the success of students. Peers could be nominated for their consisent interactions that promote a supportive environment throughout the school. These positive and meaningful moments are what make the Kyrene experience so rich for our children and families. 


Congratulations to our Kyrene Values Teachers & Staff Recipients: 

Melissa Wicks, Kyrene Akimel A-al 
Joanne Sylvester, Kyrene Akimel A-al
Tara Camarano, Kyrene Altadena 
Sue Mullarkey, Kyrene Altadena
Jacob Selden, Kyrene Aprende
Al Hamilton, Kyrene Aprende
Jason Rethman, Kyrene de las Brisas
Sharon Wilp, Kyrene de las Brisas
Michelle Kay, Kyrene Centennial 
Victor Garcia, Kyrene Centennial 
Katy Ettling, Kyrene de los Cerritos
Koryn Jones, Kyrene de los Cerritos
Michele Richards, Kyrene del Cielo
Laura Dorsey, Kyrene del Cielo
Jodi Mills, Kyrene de la Colina
Paul Huerta, Kyrene de la Colina
Blanca Rivas, Kyrene de la Esperanza
Mindy Moore, Kyrene de la Esperanza
Bailey Isenberg, Kyrene de la Estrella
Megan Egan, Kyrene de la Estrella
Amanda Hoyman, Kyrene Middle School
Kathy Anderson, Kyrene Middle School
Carolyn Bonamo, Kyrene Traditional Academy
Mikki Ryan Harweger, Kyrene Traditional Academy
Kathryn Childers, Kyrene de los Lagos
Maria Castillo, Kyrene de los Lagos
Melissa Price, Kyrene de las Lomas
Nick Steele, Kyrene de las Lomas
Jessica De Grauw, Kyrene de las Manitas
Nicola O'Dell, Kyrene de las Manitas
Krisztina Russo, Kyrene de la Mariposa
Judiann Hurst, Kyrene de la Mariposa
Kira Kostner, Kyrene del Milenio
Stacey Barone, Kyrene del Milenio
Kathi Crosby, Kyrene de la Mirada
Cathy Hamel, Kyrene de la Mirada
Michele McCuen, Kyrene Monte Vista
Alexandria (Lexi) Osmer, Kyrene Monte Vista
Lauren Holzer, Kyrene de los Ninos
Stephanie Martin, Kyrene de los Ninos
Jennifer Dieltz, Kyrene del Norte
Darcy Cocita, Kyrene del Norte
Jenny Beutner, Kyrene de la Paloma
Guillermo Rubio, Kyrene de la Paloma
Haliegh Gettings, Kyrene del Pueblo
Jen Fish, Kyrene del Pueblo
Sherry Baker, Kyrene de la Sierra
Laura Adkins, Kyrene de la Sierra
Casey Green, C.I. Waggoner
Kim Caliendo, C.I. Waggoner