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Kyrene celebrates Black History Month

Posted February 2020


February is Black History Month, and our Kyrene students are engaging in a variety of activities that promote their learning and understanding of the stories, struggles and accomplishments of those who contribute to our collective American story.

I have a dream hearts that students filled out   Equality Black History Month bulletin board at school

School walls throughout the District proudly displayed bulletin boards that shared students' hopes and dreams for a better world, mirroring Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.'s "I Have a Dream" speech. Hallways also became an additional learning space through the creation of collaborative bulletin boards that showcased biographies of influential Black Americans.


Some students utilized technology to create biographical podcasts that aired over the morning announcements each day.  

student working on black history month podcasts   Artwork for Black History Month


In fostering a culture of inclusiveness, Kyrene encourages the year-round exploration of the many cultures that make up the fabric of our community, and the many contributions of different groups to American history and society.


Bulletin Board close up     100 dreams project