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Kyrene School District Spelling Bee

 Posted January 2020


The top spellers from around Kyrene School District competed last night at the annual District Spelling Bee. The 25 participants ranged from students in grades 4 to 8 and were the winners of their individual school spelling bees.


The District Bee went 14 rounds, with an impressive six-round spell-off between finalists Dylan Dominquez, a 5th grader from Kyrene de la Sierra, and Hadley Moore, a 5th grader from Kyrene de la Estrella. Hadley was eliminated on the word “haggis,” which, when defined, earned a reaction from both Hadley and the audience. Dylan went on to correctly spell the word “luminaria” and the championship word “arthritis” to claim the title of Kyrene School District Spelling Bee Champion.


While students took this competition very seriously, participants showed true sportsmanship by giving their peers a thumbs up after correctly spelling their words and by consoling those who were eliminated.


Notably difficult words of the night included netizen, hunky-dory and skedaddle.


Both Hadley and Dylan will represent Kyrene at the regional Bee on February 22. The competition will be held at Kyrene School District and begins at 9:30 a.m.


Spelling Bee participants    Superintendent Dr. Vesely with the two finalists