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Kyrene students attend Speak Up, Stand Up, Save a Life

 Posted January 2020


Middle school students from Kyrene School District discovered what it means to be “Difference Makers” at the fourth annual “Speak Up, Stand Up, Save a Life” conference that took place earlier this week. Kyrene students joined over 4,000 of their peers at Grand Canyon University for a day-long event focused on the importance of understanding the warning signs that accompany depression, grief, abuse and bullying. Student representatives from all Kyrene middle schools and Kyrene Traditional Academy were in attendance alongside teachers, counselors, parents and school leaders. The District’s involvement began with Kyrene Aprende in 2018, and now all middle schools send ambassadors to the conference.


 Pueblo middle school students at confernece
Pueblo Middle School


Part of the organization’s mission is to help bridge the gap between educators, students, local nonprofits and law enforcement agencies in an effort to tackle issues that students face every day. Breakout sessions at the event allow students to collectively brainstorm ways to bring the message home to their fellow classmates. For adults in attendance, breakout sessions serve to improve communication and create key connections within local communities.


In addition to teaching students how to spot early indicators of trouble, the conference also works to dismantle the stigma that they are “tattling” on their peers when seeking help from a trusted adult. Instead, students are encouraged to inform an adult of issues they may be facing or concerns they have about the safety of their peers.  


For students and adults unable to attend, Speak Up, Stand Up, Save a Life provides extensive resources online at


Students from Aprende Middle School at the conference











Aprende Middle School