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Kyrene students learn with AR/VR technology aboard the zSpace Bus

Fifth graders at Kyrene de la Colina and Kyrene de la Mariposa hopped aboard the zSpace Bus this week for science lessons with a twist.


From zoology and human anatomy to geology and mechanical engineering, zSpace technology allows students to interact with subjects through virtual and augmented reality. This immersive and interactive learning style is made possible with the help of specialized glasses and a stylus that allows students to rotate and inspect elements as if they were holding them in their hands.


Students were immediately engaged and quickly picked up on the software. Groups were free to explore the areas of science that interested them the most. A few disassembled automobile engines, while others studied the anatomy of butterflies, dogs and beluga whales. Kyrene is the first school district in Arizona to experience this free, mobile exhibit.



students on zSpace bus   students using zSpace technology on bus   students inspecting anatomical heart on zspace bus