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Governing Board action on budget proposals

Posted January 24, 2019

The Kyrene School Governing Board voted on the proposals for 2019-20 budget reductions in all three focus areas at the Tuesday, January 22 board meeting.

Bell & Bus Schedule - Updated February 4, 2019

The Governing Board recently voted to shift Kyrene from a two-tiered schedule to a three-tiered schedule, in order to make our bus routes more efficient. This change will save $700,000 that can be reinvested in programs that directly impact our classrooms and student learning.

View Approved Bell Schedule Details

The final schedule reflects two adjustments. First, there is a 5-minute-earlier dismissal across all tiers, in response to continued feedback regarding dismissal times. Additionally, Kyrene de los Lagos has been moved from tier 3 to tier 1, to ensure Kyrene has a Dual Language Immersion option in every tier. The transportation team was able to adjust bus routes to accommodate this change without added expense.

Families have asked about the impact of potential bell schedule changes on before-school and after-school programs. The Kyrene Community Education team has determined that tuition rates for late-start schools can be discounted in order to help mitigate any increase in expense for families.

Employee Discount

Beginning in the 2019-20 school year, the District will initiate a 2-year phase-in reduction to employee discounts. In 2019-20, all Kyrene employees enrolling children in preschool, Kids Club (K-5), or After Hours (6-8) programs will receive a 60% discount. The following year, 2020-21, the discount will drop to approximately 45% of current rates.

This final rate is the point at which tuition will be cost-neutral to the District. (The current discount of 75% costs the District more than $400,000 annually. Approximately 10% of Kyrene employees participate in the discount.)

Middle School Staffing

The Governing Board approved changes to the Middle School Staffing Model that will save the District approximately $1,170,000. The new model reduces the number of planning periods for teachers from two periods per day to one per day. Teaching staff will continue to have Professional Learning Communities time on Wednesday early release days.

In addition to providing significant cost savings, changes to the Middle School staffing model create a more equitable balance of planning time among all teaching staff.

Answers to frequently asked questions about budget discussions can be found here. Please bookmark this page and check back throughout the spring for updates.