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Kyrene Employees Recognized as 'Key to Kyrene' Feb.-May

Posted May 2023


Principals and department leaders were asked to submit names and blurbs about individuals on their team who are Key to Kyrene. Congratulations to our end-of-the-school-year recipients of the Kyrene Values recognition - we are truly grateful for all you do to support students and your fellow staff!
Thank you to our sponsor, CORE Construction for their generous donation of Amazon gift cards for all our award recipients.



Kyrene Akimel A-al Middle School

Tristan Jagielko, Band Teacher

Stacy Huerta, Student Services

Shalini McCarthy, Principal


Kyrene Altadeña Middle School

Nikki Johnson, 8th Grade English Teacher

Mike Alvidrez, CCB IA


Kyrene Aprende Middle School

Kelly Nelson, Middle School Teacher CCD Resource

Dani Landis, IA Resource CCD


Kyrene de las Brisas

Cynthia Olsen, 2nd Grade Teacher

Capreece Baize, IA Resource


Kyrene Centennial Middle School

Cheyna Taylor, 8th Grade Science Teacher

Isai Martinez NavarroIA in School Suspension


Kyrene de los Cerritos Leadership Academy

Jackie Zisler, 4th Grade Teacher

Janie Garcia, Site Support Technician

Amy Gingell, Principal


Kyrene del Cielo

Sheryl Hazelwood, 3rd Grade Teacher

Star Figueroa, IA Academic Intervention


Kyrene de la Colina

Julie Ullmann, Kindergarten Teacher

Sandra Chapa, IA Resource CCB


Kyrene de la Esperanza

Erin Schmitz, CCB Resource Teacher Elementary

Gina Fralia, IA Resource CCB

Monique Brown, IA K-5 Intervention


Kyrene de la Estrella

Sarah O'Neil, Elementary Resource Teacher

Paulette Cuenca, Office Assistant


Kyrene Digital Academy

Chrissy Ny, Middle School Math Teacher


Kyrene de los Lagos Dual Language Academy

Elva Cosio, 4th Grade Dual Language English Teacher

Donna DeKemper, Support Specialist


Kyrene de las Lomas

Jenn Casey, Certified Counselor

Michael Harrison, IA K-5 Intervention


Kyrene de las Manitas Innovation Academy

Julie Cleveland, Lead Teacher Executive Designer

Ronald Hoopes, IA Resource

Ethel Blake, Lunch Duty

Tirzah Jaconski, Certified Counselor


Kyrene de la Mariposa Computer Science Academy

Kathryn Barber, 4th Grade Teacher

Claudia Kirch, IA Resource

Krisztina Russo, 3rd Grade Teacher

Cale Bausinger, IA Resource Preschool


Kyrene del Milenio

Sylvia Rios, Academic/SEI Interventionist

Amber Cicchillo, IA


Kyrene de la Mirada Leadership Academy

Tracy Ferber, Resource IA

Angie Marshall, Music Teacher


Kyrene Monte Vista

Laura Etringer, 1st Grade Teacher

Tonia Bass, Support Specialist


Kyrene de los Niños

Leslie Lychock, Kindergarten Teacher

Renita Holmes, IA K-5 Intervention


Kyrene del Norte Dual Language Academy

Gisell De la Cruz, Dual Language Kindergarten Teacher

Audrey Downey, Dual Language Kindergarten Teacher


Kyrene de la Paloma Arts Integration Academy

Caroline Stitt, IA Resource CCB

Kylie Wells, 2nd Grade Teacher


Kyrene del Pueblo Middle School

Diane Hyllested, 8th Grade Social Studies Teacher

Carisa Ennis, Support Specialist


Kyrene de la Sierra

Candice Yunis, Speech Language Pathologist

Dale Totten, Crossing Guard


Kyrene Traditional Academy

Stephanie Leary, Resource Teacher

Jen Woolf, Certified Counselor


Kyrene C.I. Waggoner

Laura Kelley, 1st Grade Teacher

Jennifer Robb, Health Assistant

Shelly Howard, 5th Grade Teacher

Julianne Johnston, IA Resource


Kyrene Exceptional Education Services

Guillermo Rubio, Alternative Communications Specialist

Patricia Brow, Resource Teacher Hearing Handicapped

Lisa Walton, Resource Teacher Hearing Handicapped


Kyrene Transportation

Hayden Remer, Bus Driver

Zach Fernandez, Mechanic

Joseph Arvizu, Mechanic Technician

Hiram Soto,  Lead Mechanic