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Kyrene School District Awarded Meritorious Budget Award


Posted December 2022


Kyrene Elementary School District is the recipient of the prestigious Meritorious Budget Award (MBA) from the Association of School Business Officials International (ASBO) for fiscal year 2022-23. Kyrene is the only district in Arizona to receive the award this year and the first in more than a decade. Nationally, fewer than 150 districts earn the award each year.


ASBO International’s MBA recognizes excellence in school budget policies, practices, and presentation. To qualify for the award, districts must develop a budget report that is comprehensive, analytical, and demonstrates sound fiscal management. Kyrene has produced a comprehensive budget report for the last three years, but this is the first year the district submitted the report for an award.


“Kyrene has consistently been recognized for excellent financial reporting in Arizona,” said Kyrene Chief Financial Officer Chris Herrmann. “This award demonstrates that Kyrene’s budgeting practices and transparency are exemplary on a national scale as well.”


Kyrene’s Annual Budget Report has become a critical communications tool for the district, providing stakeholders a detailed accounting of Kyrene finances and demonstrating Kyrene’s commitment to transparency. The report allows the Kyrene community to have a better understanding of the overall budget process, illustrates how resources are aligned with educational outcomes, and provides insight related to any budget issues for the upcoming fiscal year.


“We feel a deep sense of responsibility to taxpayers and other Kyrene stakeholders,” Herrmann said. “Our community deserves to know exactly how their dollars are spent.”


Kyrene Superintendent Laura Toenjes agreed. “We want our community to be invested in public education, not only financially but personally,” she said. “The students we are educating today are the community contributors and leaders of the future. These are high stakes, and accountability is critical. I am tremendously proud of the Kyrene financial team not only for this award but for the integrity they bring daily to their work.”


The MBA award-winning Kyrene Annual Budget Report can be viewed online at


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