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Capturing Hearts and Minds at Kyrene del Milenio

Posted July 2022


Kyrene del Milenio Elementary School is hoping to “capture kids’ hearts” with the launch of a new training program this year. Kyrene del Milenio staff will embrace their own love for learning through the Capturing Kids’ Hearts initiative. Capturing Kids’ Hearts is designed to empower schools and staff members to create meaningful connections with students through five key Social-Emotional Learning competencies: Relationship skills, social awareness, self-awareness, self-management and responsible decision making.


The program is available to Kyrene del Milenio thanks to a grant from the Arizona Governor’s Office of Youth, Faith and Family, which covers the $56,000 cost associated with trainings, on-going support, and materials.


Kyrene del Milenio counselor, Katrina Maranville, expressed her excitement around the programs and tools. “As a counselor, it is exciting to be a part of a school staff that is passionate about taking care of their students in every way. We are so excited to be implementing the program this fall as we forge ahead and create a healthy and loving environment for all children who enter our campus.”

The focus on social-emotional wellness helps ensure students are set up for success in school and beyond. “Capturing Kids Hearts will help us take a huge step forward in that journey as we create a place where kids thrive emotionally and academically,” Maranville said.


Her excitement is matched only by that of Kyrene del Milenio Principal, Michael Lamp.


“Humans are born without the ability to regulate. As children, we require adult support to meet our needs, and through consistent caregiving and repetition, we learn to regulate on our own. As educators, our primary way to support regulation is through strong relationships with our students. Capturing Kids Hearts is designed to strengthen those relationships.”


The training provided to Milenio staff will not only empower teachers to create intentional relationships with their students, but also empower students to create those same connections with their peers.

“Milenio is proud to become a leader in social emotional learning,” Lamp said. “At a campus where every child feels seen and heard, hearts and minds are open and ready to learn.”


If successful, Kyrene School District may consider introducing the program to other campuses.