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Kyrene de las Lomas Celebrates Cultural Diversity at One World, One Night Event

Posted April 2022


Kyrene de las Lomas families traveled around the world last Friday – no checked bags or airfare required. The One World, One Night event was an engaging and educational experience that brought the Lomas community together to celebrate diversity in their school and beyond.


With passports in hand, students eagerly made their way around campus to collect stamps. During their travels they learned about historical events, wildlife, environment and traditions of diverse communities. “This annual celebration is an opportunity for students to embrace their own identities and explore the cultures in and around our community.” Principal Tika DeGraffenreid shared.


As families navigated the campus, colorful bulletin boards featuring student work served as windows into other countries and cultures. Canada’s display included information about an Indigenous artist from Little Red River Cree Nation named Jason Carter and was paired with a display of soap sculptures inspired by his work. One Lomas family shared their El Salvadorian heritage by offering samples of a homemade sweet bread called Quesadilla Salvadoreña. Other exhibits included paintings, biographies, trivia and crafts.


Attendees also enjoyed fresh food accompanied by music from Kyrene Middle School mariachi students as well as traditional Tahitian and Native American dances performed by current and former Kyrene kids.



collage of photos from event