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Kyrene Gifted Students Invent Creative Solutions with Purpose for People and Planet

Posted April 2022


From a robot snow leopard to shirts made from recycled plastic, Kyrene students showed off original inventions at the annual Kyrene School District Gifted Showcase. During two in-person evening events on March 23rd and 30th, participating 5th-grade students proudly presented projects and prototypes to teachers, administrators, and community members. Each student project focused on the themes of people, planet, and purpose.  


Students enrolled in gifted enrichment courses at Kyrene schools spend two to three hours per week in a class instructed by a gifted resource teacher. These classes are designed to enhance students’ critical thinking, creativity, and problem-solving skills. Projects in the showcase outlined the conceptual process, creative design, and final trials.


One student from Kyrene de la Sierra created a robot snow leopard to solve a real problem impacting the animal. The student hypothesized that her project could potentially produce more snow to help preserve the snow leopard habitat which, during her research, she found is slowly drying up.



One student explored ways to harness energy from the ocean, while another young inventor imagined a way to eliminate plastic waste by creating what she calls ‘plasti-shirts’. Many of the projects featured in the Kyrene Gifted Showcase centered around environmental issues. Several other projects addressed ideas and concepts with the potential to raise awareness about the importance of improving mental health.


In addition to the in-person events, there was a digital version of the Kyrene Gifted Showcase for students who may have felt more comfortable with the virtual space. The virtual version of the Gifted Showcase can be found online.