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Kyrene Student Artwork Recognized at Tempe Festival of the Arts

Posted December 2021


Kyrene School District is filled with talented budding artists. That talent was on display at the December Tempe Festival of the Arts. The Festival featured original artwork from more than 20 Kyrene students from nine Kyrene schools.


Each year for the Festival of the Arts the city receives hundreds of pieces of artwork created by valley youth who are interested in having their work displayed for a chance to win a cash prize, and for the opportunity to sell their work. K-12 student art that is submitted is showcased as part of the Festival’s Young Artist Exhibition (YAE) and Competition.


Students from Kyrene School District swept every elementary grade category in the Young Artist Exhibition. Additionally, a handful of Kyrene students took Honorable Mention. Student artwork was on display for the entire three-day festival.


Kindergarten - 1st Grade

1st Place - Noah Boyle, Kyrene Cerritos

2nd Place - Abigail Steffen, Kyrene Manitas

3rd Place - Adin Byers, Kyrene Mirada

2nd - 3rd Grade 

1st Place - Ava Lemos, 3rd Grade, Kyrene Manitas

2nd Place - Maven Richmond-Murphy, 3rd Grade, Kyrene Norte

3rd Place - Nicolette Keshishi, 2nd Grade, Kyrene Cerritos

4th - 5th Grade

1st Place - Jaden Van heel, 5th Grade, Kyrene Manitas

2nd Place - Aria Basscer, 5th Grade, Kyrene Mirada

3rd Place - Emily Song, 4th Grade, Kyrene Mirada


Anya Halton, Kyrene Middle, 8th Grade

Branden Do, Kyrene Mirada, 3rd Grade

Dakota Estrada, Kyrene Lagos, Kindergarten

Ella Hamilton, Kyrene Mirada, 2nd Grade

Jake Protono, Kyrene Cerritos, 3rd Grade

Jayden Tom, Kyrene Paloma, 5th Grade

Kassidy Ferrentino, Kyrene Cerritos, 4th Grade

Kathryn Kenney, Kyrene Lagos, 3rd Grade 

Matthew Wojciechowics, Kyrene Norte, 5th Grade

Savannah Brockman, Kyrene Cerritos, 4th Grade

Tabytha Martin, Kyrene Ninos. 3rd Grade

Willow Buck, Kyrene Paloma, 5th Grade


“Congratulations to all of the Kyrene students who placed or earned honorable mention at the Tempe Arts Festival,” said Stephanie Yorio, Kyrene Art Specialist. “This represents our program and our team of educators very well.”


Participating in the Tempe Festival of the Arts put Kyrene student artwork on the same stage as artwork created by professional artists from around the country. The Festival has a 50+ year history in Tempe and takes place in early December and late March each year. Each Festival receives more than 500 applications from artists throughout North America. Only 350 artists are chosen to participate.