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Tax Credits Enhance Learning and Enrichment Opportunities for Kyrene Students

Posted November 2021


Inspiring, educational field trips. Programs that teach good citizenship, manners and work ethic. Experiences that demonstrate future career possibilities. Taxpayers can be champions for education through tax credit contributions. Your tax credit donations help students experience extracurricular activities like athletics; arts and music programs; author visits and other guest speakers.


A tax credit will allow you to reduce the amount of taxes you owe the State. The amount you contribute (up to $200 for single taxpayers or $400 for married couples filing jointly) will be the amount you may claim as a state tax credit.


Under state law, Arizona taxpayers can receive a dollar-for-dollar tax credit when they contribute to extracurricular activities in public schools. The State of Arizona defines extracurricular activities as school-sponsored activities that supplement the school’s educational programming and require enrolled students to pay a fee to participate. For example, families pay a fee for their child to participate in sports in Kyrene. That fee is typically around $100. If the child’s guardian elects for the fee paid to be classified as a tax credit donation and the individual owes $200 in state taxes, they can deduct $100 from the state taxes owed because of their tax credit donation.


You do not have to live in Kyrene School District boundaries to contribute. Any Arizona resident who files an AZ140 tax form is eligible for the tax credit. The deadline for tax credit donations each year is April 15 of the following year.


Take charge and have a say in how your tax dollars are put to work. By making a tax credit contribution to Kyrene Schools, you are telling the State of Arizona how you want your money spent. Visit the Kyrene Tax Credit webpage to begin the donation process.