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Kyrene School District Increases Pay for Substitute Teachers

Posted November 2021


The rate of pay for substitute teachers in Kyrene School District will now be $175 per day, up from $115. The Kyrene Governing Board approved the pay increase for substitute teachers at the November 23 Board meeting.


“In order to remain competitive in the East Valley and attract quality substitutes in Kyrene, it is necessary to raise the daily rate of pay for substitutes,” said Executive Director of Talent Management Lisa Gibson.


Summary of Changes:

  • Substitute teachers will be paid $175 per day, up from $115.
  • Long-term substitutes will be paid $200 per day, up from $140.
  • Kyrene School District retired teachers who return to be long-term substitutes will be paid $205 per day, up from $145.


The difference in the pay increase for certified substitutes versus long-term substitute/KSD retired teacher long-term substitute considers the amount of planning time required to be a long-term sub.


Money for the substitute pay rate increases will come from the Elementary and Secondary School Emergency Relief (ESSER) Fund. ESSER funds are federal funds designated to support K-12 schools to respond to the COVID-19 pandemic.


To work as a substitute for the Kyrene School District, subs must become an employee of ESS West. ESS West is a managed services organization that provides qualified substitute professionals to K-12 school districts. Individuals interested in becoming a substitute are invited to attend an upcoming orientation session.


Please contact ESS at or 866.208.7454 for information on orientation sessions.