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Kyrene Middle School: An Authorized IB World School!

Kyrene Middle School will be a part of the Middle Years Programme (MYP)

The MYP helps develop subject-specific, interdisciplinary, and global understanding. KMS will use the MYP curriculum framework which includes:

Approaches to learning (ATL) Skills. Students learn how to learn by developing skills in research critical and creative thinking, communication, collaboration, and self-management. We will teach the ATL skills through subject-content. Key and Related Concepts.

The MYP curriculum is grounded in concept-based instruction and learning, helping students become critical thinkers and creative problem solvers. Instead of only teaching students subject specific knowledge, teachers help students see larger concepts, or big ideas, that transcend a subject and might be applicable in more than one subject. Global Contexts. Students understand the relevance and importance of their study for understanding their common humanity and shared guardianship of the planet. In other words, students will see how their lessons connect to the world around them and the students’ impact on the world around them. Teaching and learning will be organized through eight subject groups.

• Language Acquisition (Spanish, Mandarin Chinese, or American Sign Language)

• Language and Literature • Individuals and Societies (Social Studies)

• Sciences • Mathematics

• Arts

• PE and Health

• Design (various computer/software classes)


To further students’ participation in an increasingly inter-connected world, all students conduct service learning activities, notably Socktober in which students learn about children and culture of nations in Africa (6th Grade) and Pennies for Peace in which students learn about children and culture of nations in Central Asia (7th Grade). These activities not only strengthen their Learner Profile Attributes and Approaches to Learning skills, but they take action to improve the lives of children living in those countries. Eighth grade students participate in a Community Project in which they choose the community they will research and take action to help.

Kyrene Middle School Programs Kyrene Middle School (KMS) provides a well-rounded educational experiences for all students. Course offerings, enriched learning opportunities and high student expectations will continue. In addition, we offer extracurricular sports, clubs, and Learning Lab and Homework Club for additional help/homework time.

KMS is also home to the College Preparatory Program and Dual Language Program. International Baccalaureate (IB) Program The IB aims to develop internationally-minded learners working within a global context and explores significant content. The Middle Years Programme (grades 6-8) is a challenging framework that encourages students to make practical connections between their studies and the real world culminating in a community project. All KMS students are learning through the methodologies of the IB. The IB programme is inclusive of all students at KMS.

Kyrene Middle School was authorized as an IB World school in 2019. College Preparatory Program Prep is an accelerated 6-8th grade strategic grouping of academically talented students in the four core areas of math, language arts, science and social studies. The program includes advanced curriculum in math and language arts along with accelerated, in depth learning in social studies and science. Dual Language Program This program supports students who have been part of our elementary dual language program or students who have been in another dual language program previously (documentation and assessment required). Social studies, and Language and Literature are taught in Spanish creating a 50-50 model for immersion instruction. As students matriculate to the 8th grade, they will participate in a community project and have an opportunity for travel to a Spanish speaking country.


Additional KMS Offerings

WEB Leadership Program

• STEM Extension Classes

• Advanced/Compacted Classes

• Smart Lab – engaging and technology-rich environment

• Before and After School Programs


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