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Kyrene Governing Board Swears in New Member, Elects 2023 Leadership

Posted January 2023


The Kyrene Elementary School District Governing Board held a changing of the guard at its first meeting of the 2023 calendar year. Former Senator Sean Bowie swore in new board member Triné Nelson and re-elected board member Kevin Walsh. Nelson and Walsh join current board members Michelle Fahy, Wanda Kolomyjec and Margaret Wright.


Also at the January 10 meeting, Board members elected their 2023 leadership team. Current Board President Walsh accepted a nomination by Member Kolomyjec to continue serving as President. President Walsh, in turn, nominated Member Fahy to serve as Vice President. Both nominations were unanimously approved by the Board.


The Board will preside over 26 Kyrene schools, serving Ahwatukee, Chandler, Tempe, Guadalupe and the Gila River Reservation. The Board is authorized under the laws of the state of Arizona to adopt all needed policies and regulations for the organization, and the Board is responsible for the evaluation and governance of the District.


Each member of the Governing Board is elected to serve a four-year term. Every two years, either two or three positions are filled during the November general election. To learn more about the Kyrene Governing Board, visit