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Kyrene Middle School student named a 2022 Tempe Coalition Champion for Youth

Published November 2022


On November 17, Kyrene Middle School 8th grader Parys Frederick was named a Youth Champion by the Tempe Coalition during their 6th annual Celebrating Champions for Youth event.


“Parys is a one-of-a-kind student,” shared Kyrene Middle School counselor Nicole Konrad, who nominated Parys for the award. “She works hard, has a positive attitude and strives to be the best version of herself every single day.”


Each year, Tempe Coalition identifies youth who have either overcome adversity and challenges demonstrating resilience, determination and leadership or who have continually set and achieved goals in an effort to reach their full potential and inspire their peers to do the same.


“There are many things that can get in the way of a child’s education,” said Superintendent Laura Toenjes. “Parys has faced a multitude of challenges that could justify putting her education the backburner … but through all of this, she has gotten up every single day with love in her heart, a smile on her face and more than enough kindness to go around.”


According to Konrad, Parys is not only an exceptional student who has prioritized her education even during the most difficult times, but she is an outstanding friend as well.


“When we all need to be reminded that there is good in the world, we think of Parys, her smile, her courage and her ability to never give up,” said Konrad.