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Kyrene Employees Recognized as 'Key to Kyrene' In September 2022

September 2022 Kyrene Values Recipients

Posted October 2022
Principals and department leaders were asked to submit names and blurbs about individuals on their team who are Key to Kyrene. Congratulations to our September recipients of the Kyrene Values recognition - we are truly grateful for all you do to support students and your fellow staff!
Thank you to our sponsor, CORE Construction for their generous donation of Amazon gift cards for all our award recipients.

Kyrene de los Lagos

Annalia Cota

5th Grade Teacher

Cynthia Peterson
IA K-5 Intervention

Alejandro Vazquez

Assistant Principal



Kyrene Monte Vista

Garth Cupp



Kyrene del Milenio

Sara Stecyk
3rd Grade Teacher

Saima Usmani
IA Resource



Community Education

Reyna Mori
IA Kids Club Preschool

Maria Humphries
Program Coordinator


Kyrene Akimel A-al

Meehae Jang

6th Grade Science Teacher

Lauren Faulkner
Alternative Communication Specialist


Kyrene de la Estrella

Kara Riley

1st Grade Teacher

Becci Domon
IA Resource CCD


Kyrene Warehouse Department

Javier Moreno
Warehouse Materials Processor


Kyrene de la Colina

Kevin McDonald

ELA/SEI Academic Interventionist

Lisa Knipe
IA Resource


Kyrene Centennial

Mary Axelrod

Academic/SEI Interventionist 

Heather Brown
Library Technician


Kyrene Facilities & Maintenance Department

Lisa Vicker

Support Specialist



Kyrene de las Lomas

Sara Gonzalez

IA Resource

Olivia Ortega
1st Grade Teacher 



Kyrene de la Esperanza

Cheryl Chance

Kindergarten Teacher

Ron Kelley
Crossing Guard/Lunch Support 



Kyrene Talent Management Department

Leslie Branson

Employment Specialist



Kyrene Teaching & Learning Department

Bricia Newnam

Administrative Support