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Technology Tips


What happens if my teacher gets kicked out of her Zoom class?

If a teacher has technical issues and gets kicked out of their zoom class, the teacher will log back into zoom quickly from their cell phone and end the meeting for all students. When the teacher can reestablish a connection they will begin the meeting again.

Students should wait and periodically try to reconnect to class through StudentVUE. Students can also watch for an email or message in Google Classroom from the teacher indicating they have established a connection and starting the meeting again.

How do I access Zoom on a district-issued Chromebook?

  1. Students using Kyrene Chromebooks can use the zoom meeting invite in StudentVUE and then connect to Zoom through the app that was preinstalled on the device 

How do I access Zoom on a district WINDOWS device?

This communication is ONLY for students who were issued a district laptop that is a WINDOWS device (Lenovo or Dell) and your child is using this device AT HOME. 

(Please disregard this communication if your child is using a personal device at home or was issued a district Chromebook because the Zoom app was pre-loaded on these devices.)

We have good news to share!

You are now able to download the full Zoom app on the district laptop AT HOME. This will eliminate having to join Zoom from the web browser every day, going through the “I’m not a robot” steps, and struggling with audio or video while connecting via the web browser.  This update will allow students the full Zoom functionality such as grid-view for video, whiteboard, etc.

Below are directions on how to install the full Zoom app on your District Windows laptop FROM HOME.

  2.     Log in with the following user name/password: 

User Name: TAC 

Password: Kyrene8700 

  1.     Open the Chrome Browser
  2.     Download this file:

The file will appear at the bottom of your web browser when downloaded 

  1.     Click on the downloaded file ZoomInstallerFull.msi

It will take about 60 seconds to install and the window will disappear automatically when done 

  1.     Once installation is complete RESTART YOUR COMPUTER
  2.     Log in to the computer with the user name/password you’ve been using: 

User Name: KSDStudent 

Password: Kyrene2020! 

  1.     Navigate to StudentVUE and find the Zoom class you want to join 
  2.     Click join meeting. This should now open directly in the Zoom App 


What do I do if I need more help?

Please visit the Kyrene Distance Learning page for detailed instructions and video tutorials. If you continue to have difficulties please visit