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Mariposa Computer Science in Warner Wrangler News


Students at Kyrene de la Mariposa Elementary School are now one step closer to the opportunities awaiting them in an increasingly digital future.


These recently honed digital skills are due, in part, to a progressive new curriculum with hands-on opportunities to learn, according to Principal Spencer Fallgatter, who has helped guide the school to its transformation as a Computer Science Academy, where students grades K-5 get full immersion into technology in every classroom.


With the implementation, kids are now able to gain computer science and coding skills—not to become more than just users of technology but critical thinkers, as well.


“We want our students to learn how to solve problems and to develop transferable skills to use across all subject areas and in any future career path,” said Fallgatter.


“When they acquire the basics of using coding, they can create solutions and they will have the knowledge and experience to become leaders and innovators of the future.”



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