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Biztown was a wonderful experience for Esperanza 5th graders! First, we started with lessons on basic economics, such as how to write a check. Then we each created a resume and filled out a job application. Later that week, we applied for jobs and had job interviews. The students running for mayor and DJ gave speeches to be elected. Finally the day came where we had the opportunity to spend the day at JA Biztown. When we arrived, everyone was excited! We were rushing around, meeting with our leaders, and getting organized. After we got settled, we headed to a town meeting and back to work to get the town running smoothly. At the end of the day we were able to use our proceeds to buy cool things from the shop like food, hats, and inflatable paint brushes and pencils. Seeing and experiencing Biztown was something we will never forget. The best part was that it gave us all a taste of adult life.

Written By:

Brett and Taylor 
(Mrs. Cotela's Class)


JA Biztown