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Tax Credit Donation

Tax Credit Donations provide so much!

Families, make a tax credit contribution today! Inspiring, educational field trips. Programs that teach good citizenship, manners, and work ethic. Experiences that demonstrate future career possibilities. You can be a champion for education through tax credit contributions. A tax credit contribution will allow you to reduce the amount of taxes you owe the State. Arizona statute allows individuals/couples to claim up to $200/$400 for a dollar-to-dollar tax credit. Take charge and have a say in how your tax dollars are put to work. By making a tax credit contribution to Kyrene Schools, you are telling the State of Arizona how you want your money spent. Visit Kyrene Tax Credit to begin the donation process. If you would like to apply tax credit to your 2022 taxes, the deadline to contribute is April 15, 2023


 Other examples of extracurricular enhanced learning include:

  • lessons that come alive with author visits
  • experiences that demonstrate future career possibilities
  • programs that teach manners, work ethic and good citizenship
  • inspiring educational field trips


Please consider making a tax credit donation