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Colina is pleased to bring PLAYWORKS to campus!


Playworks partners with schools to design curriculum and activities that offer play opportunities during recess and lunch. Trained coaches work with schools to introduce games into the playground that are inclusive to everyone while teaching teamwork, conflict mediation, leadership skills and social skills. Thanks in part to a grant from the Abbett Family Foundation, we are thrilled to be bring Playworks to Colina and are pleased to be partnering with this amazing company.


Our Site Coordinator is Coach Fannin who, along with the Colina playground supervisors, oversees the Junior Coach program. Junior coaches are 5th grade student leaders on campus who were nominated by a teacher and trained by Coach Fannin to help maintain the school playground equipment, culture and students. They assist Coach Fannin during the week each month that he's on campus and organize games and provide leadership during recess on the off weeks. They have monthly meetings with Coach Fannin to learn new games and develop leadership skills.  We are so proud of our Junior Coaches!


Coach Fannin also leads classes and their teachers, modelling recess activities and recess culture. Students use "roshambo" (like rock, paper, scissors) to problem-solve quickly and keep playing.


roshambo                        Coach Fannin Coach Fannin's latest newsletter


Below are a few of the amazing and fun games Coach Fannin is teaching Colina students. Even the teachers get in on the fun!


Ball Toss Race                     Bounce Catch Four Square                      Pacman Tag                     Gotcha!

Clap and Move                     Chewbacca Ball                                        Picket Fences                   Interception


Playworks ply

Playworks Playworks