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Colina Site Council

The Colina Site Council consists of parents, teachers, a community member, and our Student Council president. The purpose of the Site Council is to ensure that individuals who are affected by the outcome of a decision at the school site share in the decision-making process. This council oversees our tax credit budget and provides input and feedback on a variety of topics that pertain to our school. Our meeting dates will always be included in newsletters and family updates, posted on our website and posted in our front office. Our agenda will also be posted on our website at least 24 hours prior to our meeting. Since these are public meetings, anyone can attend to observe the business of this council. In addition, minutes from our meetings will be available in our front office for parents to view. 



Colina Site Council Meeting Dates 22-23


Colina Site Council March 21 Agenda/Minutes


February Meeting was Cancelled


Colina Site Council January 25 Agenda/Minutes 


Colina Site Council December 13 Agenda/Minutes


Colina Site Council November 22 Agenda/Minutes 


October Meeting was Cancelled


Colina Site Council Agenda/Minutes September 13


Colina Site Council Agenda/Minutes August 23