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Explorer Crew Corner

Explorer colors

In December we had an Explorer Crew color spirit day and all of our students showed their explorer crew pride at our 2nd Qtr Assembly!

We are excited to have kicked off our Cerritos Explorer Crews for the 2022-2023 school year!  This idea came from Student requests wishing we had our Link Crews back from 2 years ago.  We decided to change things a little bit for this year and connect it with our school theme of “Come Explore with Us”.  Our Explorer Crews will be working to earn badges in STEM, Leadership, CARES, and Speedy (school spirit) throughout the school year.  There is a tally board for crew badges in our main hallway so you can check out the progress when you are visiting.  We will be participating in several special challenges throughout the school year that will allow Explorer Crews to compete for special badges.  Stay tuned for more information coming about the challenges.

Each Student and Staff member are part of an Explorer Crew.   The crews are represented by color. We have three colors Red, Green, or Blue.  Each class has been assigned to a crew color for the school year.


RED CREW Classes: Cochran, Byrne-Quinn, Korson, Tibbott, Eger, and Wiltchik

GREEN Crew Classes: Murray, Hoffman, Moe, Callaghan, Zisler, and Jolin

BLUE Crew Classes: Nachazel, Petrillo, Baumann, Wontor, Brockman, and Wills


To celebrate our school spirit and recognize our Explorer Crews, we will be having a special spirit day on Monday August 15th.  We have asked students and staff to wear their Explorer Crew colors to school.  Students may wear colored clothing, socks, and shoes in their crew color on Monday. Students can also spray their hair with colored hairspray, wear a hat, or wig for this special day if they choose.  We ask that there is no face paint, masks, or anything that covers their face.