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There's No Room @ Cerritos for Bullying!!!!

Students at Cerritos are signing their Cerritos Anti-Bullying Contracts to remind us all that
not only is bullying wrong, but there is no room for bullying at our school! That's right!!
Parents make sure you review the bullying literature, sign the pledge and
keep the resources
at home for review. With your help we can END bullying
before it starts!!
I destroy my enemies when I make them my friends!  -Abraham Lincoln
Bullying is....
Behaviors and actions that are verbal, physical and/or anti-social, such as exclusion, gossip,
and non-verbal body language. It can occur at school or in transit between school and home.
A person is bullied when....
He or she is exposed, repeatedly and over time, to negative actions on the part of one or more
other persons, and he or she had difficulty defending himself or herself.
You have the right to.......
>Be treated with respect and kindness.
>Be accepted and included in the Cerritos Leadership Academy Community.
>Say NO when you are not comfortable in a situation.
>Have your own personal space.
>know that your personal property will not be damaged or taken by peers.
You do NOT have the right to.....
>Disrespect adults and peers.
>Make someone feel badly by your choice of words or actions.
>Physically harm anyone.
>Purposefully exclude peers from activities or groups.
>Bully anyone.
Bullying is NEVER a choice worth making. Some people think bullying is cool! It isn't.
Here are a couple of videos about bullying. The first video is about an obvious form of 
bullying. The second video is about something much more subtle; exclusion! It is often
where bullying starts! 
When you view these videos ask yourself this question: "Can I be a friend to those who
are bullied like the boy or girl in the videos?" I hope your answer was yes!